An expression of my unfeigned gratitude...


  We have reached the conclusion of The CommUNITY Campaign.  I'll admit I'm rather tired from grinding my gears so hard. While the official results have not been announced, it looks like I may not have earned the opportunity to raise the standard in 8A06 as your next Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. Don't be sad, Neighbors.  Isaac Smith (the white supremacist seeking the seat) was not successful in his attempts to seize the SMD (according to the current DCBOE  numbers). However, over 100 of our neighbors voted for him and what he stands for and that is alarming. When we started this commUNITY campaign this loss wasn't what was expected. It's been interesting to see my neighbors take my loss harder than me. I knew God told me to run for ANC but God never said I would win the election. I learned so much that I will carry with me as I continue being who I've been. I've heard components of my 100-day plan adopted by other candidates as talking points.  Needless to say, I'm deleting it from this website to preserve the integrity of my intellectual property.  If you like what you saw and want my organizing expertise please reach out to my muggle email address aiyinah.ford@gmail.com No matter what the final numbers are; the facts will always remain. I received unwavering support from every nook and cranny of this city. It can not be refuted that my resume, relationship building, and resilience are respected by some of the most influential politicos in Washington, D.C. That's a win! I'm still Ms. Plus America D.C. 2020 -2021 and I will fight to bring the title back when I return from Nationals. If you want to talk plus size pageantry, modeling, and the like...call me. We are still commUNITY which means you can call me for any reason at (202)893-9209. Again, I want to extend my unfeigned gratitude to everyone who showed #supportisFREE

Have An A+ Day,

Aiyi'nah D. Ford

P.S. I've left the video clips to remind you that my commUNITY service didn't start with this election and it certainly won't end there.