I'm an 8th generation Native Washingtonian who was born, bred, and continues to build in The Great Ward 8. I've survived everything from living in "The Murder Capitol" to stage 3 cervical cancer. In 1987, my Grandmother was shot and killed through the window of our Mississippi Ave. apartment. My Father turned to the streets and was killed when the streets eventually turned on him on February 16, 1995. My Mother struggled with the trauma she experienced while navigating teen parenthood. Thankfully, community parents that stepped into my life and made it better.

    After Howard University, I've been busy organizing political strategies that bring equitable social impact and sustained positive change to policy-making. Some of my community contributions include:

  • Organizing with Save Our Safety Net, DC as we fought to pass the first millionaire's tax. These taxes ensured that high-income earners were giving back to the social services our city needs most but are funded the least.

  • Collaborating with a coalition that included ONE DC, Events DC, Goodwill, UDC, and Marriot to negotiate a Community Benefits Agreements (CBA) that secured over 300 hospitality jobs for my neighbors. 

  • Designing and facilitated curriculum for the Ward 8 Policy Team Trainings. This training taught my neighbors how they can make D.C. policies and politicians work for them.

  • Volunteered with ANC 8A, ANC 8C, C.A.R.E., and various developers to amend CBA's in order to secure over 2 million dollars in resources for Ward 8. 

    I am also proud to have served the most respected national organizations such as, Moms Demand Action, Sierra Club, U.S. Climate Action Network, Grassroots Voter Outreach, and Rock the Vote; to name a few. Since 2012, I have worked with Ward 8 youth and their families at the only trauma-informed drop-in center in the entire Ward. Our programs, teach a social-emotional approach to achieve social justice. Every day, I am looking at the aftermath of our Ward's collective apathy. For years, I've listened to neighbors who want to set a new standard but do not know where to start. I've also met people who have attained success, want to lift while they climb, but struggle with building relationships with other residents. In every room I've entered I've unapologetically challenged the predators seeking to profit from Ward 8's plight. What I've learned is I can't do it alone. As ANC Commissioner, I am committed to serving as a conduit for our community. Together, we can put the A+ in ANC. Why divide when we can multiply opportunities and access for our Single Member District?


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